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Collective act of disobedience to Washington at the UN

Collective act of disobedience to Washington at the UN
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US President Donald Trump said that he would cut financing for countries that voted against Washington's position in the UN on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. American journalists write critical materials, in which the diplomacy of the Trump administration is called "awkward", and raise the issue: Israel will be first, who would be against reduction in assistance to the states of Middle East
The UN General Assembly recognized the decision of the US President to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel invalid. The United States believes that the member states that voted against the Washington initiative did not act correctly, because they accept US financial assistance, and therefore should support the donor. Like the UN itself.

"The UN General Assembly, сensoring Trump, condemns the US Decree on Jerusalem," under this headline an article was published on 22 December in The New York Times. The authors of the material draw attention to the fact that the UN ignored the threats of Donald Trump to cut financing to countries whose representatives voted against Washington. There are 128 in all. Nine supported the US side, including the USA (also Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Nauru, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Togo and Palau). Ukrainian representatives made a "move with a knight": they did not attend the meeting.

"Collective act of defiance to Washington," as American journalists describe the situation.

"The resolution is not binding and therefore is largely symbolic, but the vote showed the extent to which the departure of the Trump administration from the 50-year international consensus on the status of Jerusalem has agitated world politics and contributed to the diplomatic isolation of America," the journalists write.

Trump turned decades of American politics, exacerbating the solution to the emotional issue that has intensified since the Arab-Israeli war of 1967, when the Israelis occupied the whole of Jerusalem. Many resolutions of the UN Security Council warn that the status of the city is not settled, the Israeli demands for sovereignty are invalid, and this should be decided at the talks of the Israelis with the Palestinians.

The new resolution raises the question: will Trump keep the word on reducing the funding of the countries opposing the States to vote. Experts doubt that it will significantly reduce Washington's spending on Egypt and Jordan, as these states are America's strategic partners in the region.

"Israel rejects the UN resolution and expresses its satisfaction with the large number of countries that did not vote for the resolution," the press release of the Israeli prime minister's office published on the state portal of services and information says. "Israel thanks President Trump for his unequivocal position on Jerusalem and thanks the countries that voted with Israel along with the truth."

According to the representative of Israel in the UN, Dani Danone, "it's shameful that such a meeting takes place", and the resolution sooner or later "will be thrown out in the trash of history". Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the "absurd resolution", and said that Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel.

US Permanent Representative to the UN Nikki Haley said that voting on the resolution will not change anything, but she defends at the rostrum in the General Assembly "the sovereignty and integrity of my country - the US".

"The United States is by far the largest donor of the United Nations and its agencies. We do this partly to promote our values ​​and our interests," she said. "But we'll be honest with you." When we make generous contributions to the UN, we also have a legitimate expectation that our benevolence will be recognized and respected".

Haley added that the States will reconsider the costs of "political and financial capital" following the results of the vote: "they are required to demand greater return on investment, and if it does not, then it is more productive to spend resources." In addition, she said that the US embassy will move to Jerusalem in any case, and "no vote" in the UN will not affect it.

Representatives of Great Britain and France, the countries-allies of the States, who supported the "anti-American" resolution, reported that they thus retained their commitment to the current UN Security Council resolutions since 1967.

128 states have refused to play by new rules. This is the biggest diplomatic failure for US President Donald Trum, Stuart Patrick, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations is sure . In addition, a tension between Trump and the United Nations, which he once compared with a circle of interests, has increased.

Patrick believes that the States showed "awkward diplomacy", and representatives of many countries were disappointed by the campaign of pressure of the White House. Especially in the last minutes, when Trump warned about a reduction in funding.

Palestinian representative Riyad Mansour said that the Trump administration's approach worked against the US. According to him, there was a substitution of concepts: instead of Israel, Washington's question was actually raised. Mansour believes that an unprecedented tactic, unheard of in diplomatic work, including blackmail and extortion, offends the entire international community.

"Despite the threats that we have received in recent days, the country remains on the side of Palestinefrom the United States, said Pakistan's representative Maleh Lodhi.

"Egypt, Jordan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan are among the main recipients of US aid, who challenged Trump and voted in favor of the resolution. Three other recipients - Haiti, Mexico and South Sudan - abstained. Trump already threatened to refuse to help Pakistan if it no longer cooperated in the fight against terrorism," NYT journalists wrote.

Officials of the Trump administration told that the US president can carry out a flexible policy of financing countries in the Middle East. For example, Cairo was delayed payment of $ 300 million, as there were fears of violation of human rights, as well as evidence of attracting foreign workers from the DPRK. However, analysts are confident that Israel will oppose a reduction in aid to Egypt, as this could destabilize the situation. The effect of Trump threats will be minimal.

However, there is not only Donald Trump, who had have antagonistic relations with the United Nations. In 2003, President George W. Bush faced with the allies of the States on the margins of the UN, when he had announced the invasion of Iraq. Under Barack Obama, relations have been improved, but the country's representatives continued to oppose the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

By the way, in the last days of Obama's presidency, the States abstained in voting on a resolution condemning the construction of Israeli settlements. As a result, the Israeli government contacted with officials from the Trump transition team to settle the matter.
Elena Winter Translated by Elena Winter
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