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Europe had not teeth: how the domestic developments were met on the Web-Summit 2017

Europe had not teeth: how the domestic developments were met on the Web-Summit 2017
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Fifteen thousand companies from 166 countries gathered in Lisbon to present the main innovations in the start-up industry. Not without reason, Forbes called Web-Summit "The best tech-conference on the planet." This year, Russian brands also demonstrated unique products: software, mobile applications, it-start-ups and much more were able to be assessed by over 60,000 professionals from around the world
The Russian know-how pleased the experienced Europeans. Perhaps, for the first time for the painful time of sanctions, our developments give an assessment of the high European standard.

The company "Аурадевайсес" came up with its smart bracelets just a year ago. With the help of a current that a person does not feel, the bracelet measures not only the pulse, temperature, but also the level of water and muscles in the body. While there are no analogues in the world, no device shows the exact composition of an organism as fast as this bracelet. The official release of the product will be in April next year, but such telecommunications giants as Samsung and Huawei have already become interested in the invention.

By the way, a lot has been said about the integration of the current with the human body at the summit. Brian Johnson, the founder of the start-up Kernel, gave a lecture where he said that very soon the human brain could be used to increase brain capacity and memory, and also to introduce a special microchip that helped to remember or completely remove unnecessary memories. According to him, shots with chips from fantastic films will soon become a reality.

Another interesting development is from the Moscow company "SMS Traffic" - the largest messaging provider in Russia. The company introduced the product "Smart Delivery" - a single interface that provides the ability to flexibly configure the routing of messages. The program itself determines whether it is possible to send a message to the messenger, if it does not work out, it sends it back along the alternate route. "SMS-Traffic" is already one of Viber's leading partners in the world.

"We are already leaders in the communications market through messengers in the CIS, we plan not to stop there and enter foreign markets," says Pavel Shepelenko, head of new products.

Of course, the main goal of all participants is the search for investors and potential partners at the international level. And here a great success accompanied physicists from Samara, who demonstrated the world's first compact diffraction lens for obtaining color images. Thanks to it, cumbersome optical systems will go to the past. The invention caused a real furore among the European scientific community.

According to unconfirmed information, this was the last Web-Summit in history. But the organizers promise that all new IT-developers are waiting for a new not less significant and global event. The main thing is that the fact that many years the Web-Summit differs from many other conferences is not lost, simple access to speakers, openness and willingness to cooperate.
Elena Winter Translated by Elena Winter
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