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Mme «Tse», going to succeed

Mme «Tse», going to succeed
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But she did not have time to use the Romanian passport
Karine from Moldova by the name of "Tse" is a little over forty years old. Some time ago she was a successful top manager in a huge Russian energy company - Inter RAO. Karina was a part of the member Board. Probably wore high heels, beautiful dresses by famous designers, moved around the metropolitan area on expensive cars with tinted windows, and held secular conversations in a high society. Rotated among high-ranking Russian officials in the industry, possessing two passports: Romanian and Russian.

However, the woman was so shy of the Romanian passport that Russian journalists achieved public recognition only from the foreign policy department of Bucharest. You could not hide an awl in a sack, but the international scandal began to flare up.

As you know, when one door closes, another opens. So for Karina, the window from Moldova to Russia slammed shut, and, creaking with steel, the door of the remand prison opened. Espionage in favor of Romania - that's what she is accused of. And this is why the former employee of the IRIS-Moldova project of the USAID USA Foundation banned in Russia needed physical proximity to the schemes of electricity supply to the Crimea and the Donbas.

One dark spot in the biography, and cause and effect connections, motivation come to light. American experts from USAID on color revolutions set the task: to collect materials, to transfer the member of NATO to Romania. As though some thought, "the kid is going to success", but too long. In fact, the picture is as follows: Karine has officially worked as an attorney for the Americans from 1996 to 1999, then for a couple of years in the field of jurisprudence with her ex-husband, and only then, through the post of the secretary of the board of directors of the Moldavskaya GRES, penetrated the structure of Inter RAO UES.

And immediately to a managerial position.

One year "conducted" the geographical direction "Ukraine, Moldova, Romania", then one more - higher - "Europe". She managed to collect information about contacts of Russians in Ukraine, next, in 2012 - another increase.

Karina did not give herself out for a long time. The hostile activity was noticed with the full cooperation of the head of Inter RAO, Boris Kovalchuk, and immediately closed. The second passport Mme "Tse" did not have time to use.

Now, until 13 August, the suspect in espionage will spend time in custody. Its future will be decided not in Washington, but in the Russian court. By the way, no "howl" of so-called foreign partners on her account does not raise, becoming a vulgar song about "political prisoner" does not sing. So, there is for that. And they keep a pause diplomatically, which is typical for cases of this scale.

What is known about the case of the suspected spy Tsurkan?

Karina Tsurcan, a Romanian citizen, was detained on suspicion of transferring schemes for the organization of electricity supplies to the Crimea and the Donbass. The source of RIA "SM-News" explained why hostile activities were not noticed immediately.

Karina Tsurkan, a member of the board of Inter RAO, was acquainted with the materials of the case of suspected espionage to the Foreign Intelligence Service of Romania (Romania) by Russian President Vladimir Putin. His press secretary Dmitry Peskov confirmed that the head of state "certainly, of course," received reports.

The details are not disclosed yet, there are no official comments - the "secret" stamp. In the Russian media information is published, referring to sources in the special services of Russia.

Who is Tsurcan, for which she was arrested?

On 14 June, a member of the management board of Inter RAO, K. Tsurcan was detained by FSB agents, this became known five days later. Tsurcan held a high position of head of the trading block since 2012. She is suspected of collecting and transferring valuable information to Romanian intelligence through local businessmen. The Lefortovo court arrested the suspect before 13 August.

On June 20, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania confirmed the presence of the girl's citizenship of this country. However, earlier it was reported that Tsurcan had refused the Romanian passport back in 2016.

On 25 June, RBC journalists, referring to sources in the special services, clarified that the detained was suspected of transferring schemes for electricity supply to the Crimea and the self-proclaimed Republics in the Donbass. The interlocutor of the publication said that the SVR received information about the leakage of data to a member of NATO, Romania, for which the US can stand.

"It was political information about who is working with us in Ukraine, the Democratic People's Republic of Germany, the Crimea and other regions where we supply electricity: who is cooperating, who refuses, with whom we talk, what problems there are, what schemes," - they quote the interlocutor.

Operative development of Karina Tsrcan went for more than a year, the active stage occurred in April-May. Tsurcan was involved in the organization of electricity supplies to Ukraine (and then to Crimea) through the subsidiary "Inter RAO" company "ZOR", knew all the contacts of Russian officials in Ukraine.

It is also known that on the eve of Tsurkan's arrest, the head of Inter RAO, Boris Kovalchuk, initiated an audit of the expenditure of funds in the company. Whether this is connected with the suspect's case is unknown. The competent source of RIA "SM-News" confirms Kovalchuk's contribution to the identification and capture of Tsurcan.

"Tsurcan's task was to infiltrate the top management bodies of Inter RAO in order to gain access to important information, to influence decisions that are contrary to the interests of the Russian Federation. Only after the appointment [to the position of a member of the Board] did it activate the activity," the interviewee explained why Tsurcan could not be identified right away. The head of the company drew attention to the hostile activity shown.

The 3July, it became known that the head of the association "Team 29" Ivan Pavlov became the lawyer of Tsurcan. He informed the subscribers about this on Facebook. According to him, the mother of Karina Tsurcan appealed for help, the documents confirming the authority of the lawyer were transferred to the Investigation Department of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

"Meanwhile, Karina Tsurcan's business is supposed to be no less interesting than that of Svetlana Davydova or Oksana Sevastidi," he wrote.

Pavlov added that Tsurcan does not consider himself guilty.


Karina Tsurcan was born in 1974 in Chisinau. In Moldova she received higher education at the State University with a major in law, and at the International Independent University with a major in economic law. From 1996 to 1999 she worked as a lawyer in the project of the USAID Foundation (activities are prohibited in the territory of the Russian Federation) IRIS-Moldova.

From 1999 to 2002 - partner, as well as deputy director of the law firm Tsurcan & Tsurcan. A former husband, with whom she was married before 2002, told RBC journalists that he considers all the information published in the press is "one big misunderstanding."

In 2004 she received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Spanish Consortium of Universities IUP.

In the same year, Tsurcan found a job in the "Moldavskaya GRES", which was later bought out by "Inter RAO UES". Tsurkan took the position of secretary of the board of directors, provided consulting services, and then headed the Moldovan "daughter" of the company.

According to some reports, Tsurkan received Russian citizenship in 2008.

In 2010-2011, Tsurcan led the geographical division "Moldova, Ukraine, Romania" in "Inter RAO UES".

In 2011-2012, she headed the direction "Europe", and in 2012 she joined the Board of "Inter RAO".
Elena Winter Translated by Elena Winter
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