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Peace is but a dream: the "freelance" of the American media continues to create its own reality in the Volga region

Peace is but a dream: the "freelance" of the American media continues to create its own reality in the Volga region
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This style of "journalism" was brought to Russia by American, English and other Western media
More and more often looking through the eminent and well-deserved Western media you meet materials that can not be called objective and have anything to do with reality. This style of "journalism" was brought to Russia by American, English and other Western media, which will not rely on any sane person. But such "evidence-based" texts were gladly read by Russophobes in the West, thus making sure that everything is still bad in the "wild" and "totalitarian" Russia.

As an example, you can take numerous media projects of "Svoboda", and its Volga "brainchild", the site "Idel. The Volga region ". After analyzing a significant part of its content, we have found that the materials were created according to the same scheme: "journalist" uses someone, telling many terrible and terrible things about life in Russia (preferably at the same time he mentioned in critical terms the authorities structure, prosecutor's office, Ministry of Internal Affairs, special services). And, without even trying to verify or confirm the information. And that's all. Pompous, scandalous and, of course, exclusively. In general, the real civilized and free from common sense media.

There are also local authors who, for good offer (50-200 u.e. for one text) are ready to "work" for the respected media, the favorite brainchild of the US Congress. Let's consider what pages in the history of journalism are filled with "freelancers" of Western media. And how they do it.

Katya Mayakovskaya came to Samara to attend higher school, and got into the "Kulek" - the Samara Institute of Culture. There was no money, and Katya moonlighted as a waitress in a cafe. But quickly realizing that such work did not promise any prospects, Catherine decided to change job. She swapped from the "Kulek" to "Gos" (Samara State University) and began to be keenly interested in journalism. The first of her serious text was an article about the bullying of orphans in a Samara hospital.

Noise raised by the media after this plaintive and full of details article forced Pavel Astakhov, the human rights commissioner in Russia, to come to Samara. Nobody could figure out objectivity, the chief-doctor was removed "just in case", and the governor awarded the small gray-eyed girl Katya a prize. For "mockery" in the hospital, of course, no one answered. Resonance, but the facts and evidence, which were operated by power structures, no one canceled.

After that, Katerina Mayakovskaya believed in her strength, and realized that her "specialty" is a protest. And just then the governor who rewarded her decided to unite two universities - the humanitarian Samara State University and the technical Samara Aerospace Institute.

It is rumored that Katya immediately went into "opposition" without any doubts, and began collecting signatures and distributing interviews. Others tried to complain, to prove the groundlessness of the governor's decision, and Katya was simply against it. Why do she need arguments and evidence? Impressive photos of the girl of 15 years (in appearance), who joined the fight with the system, filled the Internet and walked along it with waves.

She is already "threatened" in the administration, she is "persecuted" by the authorities - this image was kept for several months, and to earn due to this name and some fame. In addition, Katya managed to expand her list of professions, under the auspices of Lyudmila Kuzmina, one of the former leaders of the election monitoring organization Golos. So Katya became an observer with "experience". And do not think that our heroine was able to disclose "throw-in", "carousel" or "juggling" the votes, no. Just from one of the members of the PEC smelled of alcohol ...

And on this was "the global scandal", as usual, devoid of any facts and evidence, but discrediting the election in principle. "The protection" of such an influential oppositionist as Lyudmila Kuzmina, coupled with the indifference to the LGBT community (which the "oppositionist" constantly defends in the media) gave her truly limitless possibilities.

Now Katerina Mayakovskaya combines work on a fairly influential Samara site "Zasekin", and part-time (freelancing) on ​​the very same "Idel. Realities". By the way, rumors are circulating about this project of Radio Svoboda which was taken by Lyudmila Kuzmina's "recommendation". Now fiery articles in defense of the opposition, the LGBT and other "offended" by the authorities, filled with templates of "protest" and "opposition" speeches and conclusions, are published immediately in two media: Zasekin and Idel. Realities". Here is an interesting combination.

Incidentally, by the way, all conceivable corporate rules of "Svoboda". It is said that she uses "Zasekin" as a soft mat for faster promotion. That there is only one interview with the chief "Zasekin" (her actual boss) on the free project "Idel. Realities"... The same officials, who were open-minded before the gray-eyed girl who presented the" Zasekin's "identity card, and then with unconcealed "joy" read their words to "Idel. Realities". In general, not a correspondent of the American media, but directly "many-sided Janus." So, due to work in Zasekin, the career of a well-known journalist continues. However, they say that she does not stop there, and according to rumors she suggested that Idel even integrate three regions (Ulyanovsk, Samara, Saratov) under its leadership. But the idea for some reason was called "delirium".

Friends say that this is all for her already "rubbish" and yesterday. With her abilities the Syzran girl has already "packed her bags" and, at least, "waits for the train" to Prague, to the headquarters of Radio Svoboda. Well, or at least to Kazan, where the head office "Idel. Realities" is located. There are rumors that even started to study the Tatar language, so it was easier to start working in a new place.

As her colleagues say, the head office of "Idel. Realities" allegedly instructed her to create a dozen scandalous videos about the World Cup in football in 2018 and the upcoming elections of the governor. It seems like the hardware has already been received, and the video editing programs are being studied. Indeed, what can one not learn to replace the harsh conditions of Russian reality in such a sweetheart Europe.

And there are dozens of such "Katerin" in the cities of the Volga region. They are form the right moods in the West, developing a strategy in which you can write about Russia only in a negative way.
Elena Winter Translated by Elena Winter
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