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Pristina prepares military operation in the North of Kosovo

Pristina prepares military operation in the North of Kosovo
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The operation to establish control over the northern territories in the direction of the administrative border may take place during artificially destabilized situations
From 16 to 27 April in the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija at the bases of "Film City", "Pomazatin" and military aerodrome Slatina military police trains "Silver Sword 2018-1" was held. The events aroused resonance in Serbia, as the Silver Sword was conducted in coordination with the US Forces for Kosovo (KFOR) with the participation of the EU The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo and Metohija (EULEX), the Kosovo Police and Security Forces. The Serbian stresses in May that KFOR, as the only authorized military formation in the province, in line with UN Security Council Resolution 1244, trains Kosovo's security forces. Belgrade is expected to opposes the formation of the unrecognized republic's army "Kosovo" the security forces, but at the same time asks about the possible withdrawal of KFOR from the province, that threatens security, especially residents inhabited mainly by the Serbs of the North of Kosovo.

Where there's one sword, there's the second sword two - probably "golden". Sensitive moment: all actions connected with the trains were kept in strict secret; the press was informed that the purpose of the "Silver Sword" was to work out the actions during natural disasters and ... civil unrest. The conduct of the tactical exercise hints at a step-by-step implementation of the Albanian plan to establish control over northern Kosovo.

In the trains, coordinated by the US KFOR, military personnel of the remaining contingents took part. Coordination and observation was conducted from the formed headquarters of the Kosovo Police, at the so-called Kosovo government a mixed political crisis headquarters were deployed: staff members of the Office of the National Security Council, local police, as well as KFOR and EULEX

While training activities were taking place, KFOR helicopters conducted reconnaissance of the northern territories of Kosovo's Mitrovica. "On the ground" there was an increased presence of members of the liaison and monitoring groups.

The Albanian side believes that the negotiations in Brussels are moving in the wrong direction, so the calculation is made to conduct a military operation with the support of the Americans, which would change the actual situation.

"Albania stands next to Kosovo in all the processes of expanding the rights and opportunities for international cooperation," the chairman of the so-called Assembly of Kosovo, Kadri Veseli, said on 25 May with the chairman of the parliament of Albania, Gramoza Ruci.

"Kosovo is on the verge of completing the processes of state building and expanding international rights and opportunities. In this context, the support of Albania is very important. At a meeting with the President of Albania, Ilir Meta, it was guaranteed that Albania would provide all the necessary support for these purposes," Veseli, who previously headed Kosovo intelligence, said.

On 28 May, Veseli on the air of the Kosovo "RTK" announced progress towards the final stage of the dialogue on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia: they will be held in June "at the highest interstate levels" and allegedly will end with "binding agreements". According to him, the Kosovo authorities received guarantees from "international partners" that the "territorial integrity" of Kosovo after the normalization process has not been violated.

Veseli and other Kosovo figures are trying to impose separate negotiation platforms on Kosovo, so that the mediation of Brussels can be extended to the participation of representatives of the United States, Germany, France, Britain and Italy. In this case, the negotiations in Brussels will cease, and, refusing new and unacceptable conditions, the Serbian side will thus take responsibility for the termination of the dialogue. Pristina and its international lobbyists would have received an alibi for conducting a military operation.

And, in this situation, the staff of the Kosovo Security Force, taking into account the departure of the Serbian population in August-September for holidays outside the province, would seize certain areas in the north towards the administrative border of the province, green belts around populated areas. KFOR would facilitate the exploration of the territories, monitoring and control of human settlements. The police units of Kosovo and EULEX would be responsible for the seizure of settlements. The operation would take a couple of days: the first - the capture of certain areas, the second - "clean-up" the area, establishing control over populated areas.

In Kosovo in September 2018, the culmination of a political crisis is expected. A source surrounded by "President of Kosovo" Hashim Thaçi said that the team of "Prime Minister" Ramush Haradinaj is working to focus on the resignation of the incumbent leader and holding early parliamentary elections. The operation to seize the northern territories can be carried out "on the sly".
Elena Winter Translated by Elena Winter
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