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The first criminal was caught with the help of a face recognition system in Russia - a source

The first criminal was caught with the help of a face recognition system in Russia - a source
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The novelty is introduced in the Moscow Metro
In Russia, the first criminal was caught using the system of face recognition in the Moscow metro. This is reported today by Mash.

It is noted that this "police assistant" start to be introduced in the Moscow metro for the World Cup. Cameras are able to check up to 20 people per second. The system compares the profile of passengers with photos from the searches. If a person appears in the crowd, similar to the one who is on the run, then the program will certainly notify the police.

"The first criminal was caught at the Frunzenskaya station. The system signaled to the police that one of the passengers was wanted. He was detained. The man was hiding for a year. He escaped from Yegoryevsk, where he is suspected of robbery," the report said.

It is worth noting that the system, which was introduced in the Moscow metro, costs 4 billion rubles.

"Astrologers announced a week of plastic surgeries, the number of surgeons doubled," he adds with irony.

It is worth noting that such a system has long been in service in China, though not only in the subway. The program recognizes a person who is wanted, even if he just crossed the road to red light.

Earlier, we reported that the staff of the Moscow police patrol will be provided with tablets that allow to check fingerprints from suspicious persons on the street without delivering people to the office. The equipment will be connected to the base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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