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What will be after the Olympics and doping?

What will be after the Olympics and doping?
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Under what flag do athletes compete at the Olympics: shameful white "I surrender!" (In fact, no, under the Olympic one), who is courteously called "neutral", or under the Russian tricolor? Matilda: Does the film offend the feelings of the Orthodox, or is it about love? Even the boy Kolya from Novy Urengoy betrayed the memory of Soviet soldiers, or opposed the war as a vile phenomenon? We must admit that the crisis in Ukraine divided Russian society into two camps, but with a huge preponderance in favor of the official state position. Do you remember Eurovision in Kyiv?
Sport, religion, history - these are the fronts that have ceased to be "invisible" on the information field. One gets the impression that the "NATO members" entrenched on the borders, throw Russian statehood with training grenades, around each of which immediately begins a heated discussion with inexhaustible lines of experts: is this real? Will it explode or not? And what do you think?

The main points of view - for some reason, always only two, polar. The first agree with what is happening, swim with the flow, and think, as if it is necessary, it should be so. Suppose they state the fall of a grenade, and find an explanation: they have ordinary teachings. The latter resist frank imposition, and are convinced that it's just that grenades can not fall from the sky, but they take out, as they say, a "sword naked" and are ready to "cut from the shoulder." Only third, foreign observers analyze the reaction of the authorities. Any response step is worked out, and then used to continue the escalation of the situation - the most ordinary information war, which in the last century was called "cold." Probably because the media-"foreign agents" beat themselves in the chest, calling themselves objective sources: as a rule, the facts published in such publications are one-sided, contradict the statements of Russian media and officials, raise doubts.

So, the day before the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decided to suspend the Russian national team from the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. They allowed Russian athletes to act under the "neutral" flag, and then only those who did not light up in a doping scandal initiated by the testimony of the WADA Anti-Doping Agency informer. In addition, the former Russian Sports Minister Vitaly Mutko was forbidden to take part in any games for life.

And Russia was obliged to pay the IOC $ 15 million to cover the expenses incurred by the Committee in the course of investigations.

Internal Reaction

To Mutko, who led the sports department from 2012 to 2016, there were always questions in the professional community. Now they are beyond the internal framework, in the international and all-Russian agenda. State Duma deputy Valery Rashkin said that he sued Mutko because of the undermining of the country's image and national sport: failed to "win the opportunity" at the IOC meeting of athletes in the winter games. According to Rashkin, Mutko must resign (holds the post of vice-premier), and apologize to the citizens of Russia for "humiliating the honor and dignity of the country."

Another thing is that in the political game (many Russians believe that the IOC is a politicized organization) they force the participation of athletes. Those who agreed to act under the "neutral" flag feel looked askance. And those who refuse will become heroes. For example, Victor An agreed to the conditions of the IOC: the athlete was preparing for four years, and is not ready to sacrifice his career, achievements, possible medals for the sake of, in fact, the honor of the country. For him, the Olympics - the most important event in his personal life. Here's how to comment on the solution of the short tracker in social media:

- We shouldn't have given him our citizenship. 

- Come on, go. You need a victory.

- He is a strange and he will never understand us. Let him go under neutral.

- Is he that man who has become a citizen recently? So he's used to change flags for personal ambitions.

- I will wait for his reaction, when the IOC, at the request of sports extremists from the doping agency, will deprive him of his conquered gold!

- Victor An is a great man he is more than Russia and he has been a man of peace for a long time. I wish him luck on the Olympiad and I so wanted to cheer for him on this Olympiad, but I couldn't watch him on TV, but I'll watch on the Internet I hope he will win and prove everything to all. (spelling and punctuation preserved - note author)

The Russian athletes from Chechnya were answered by the head of the Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov.

"We have a homeland, we have our Fatherland! No athlete with a Chechen residence permit will act under a neutral flag. And those Chechen athletes, who by all criteria should have got to the national team and go to the Olympics, we will honor as winners," he said.

Kadyrov is sure that the suspension of Russia from the winter games is a decision not of athletes, but of "bloated officials". Sport, he said, should unite nations, and not destroy the world.

"Politicians must compete with politicians, and athletes with athletes, it's logical. But the main thing now is not to get depressed, all of this make us stronger," he concluded.

On the other hand

The Olympic champion, figure skater Tatyana Navka believes that it is necessary to take part: there was a terrible injustice towards the athletes, and now it is unacceptable to deprive them of the possibility of participation.

"Each athlete in itself is the flag of the Country," she wrote on the Instagram.

According to Navka, each athlete must personally decide whether he will participate in the games, and fans will "hurt in the stands for our Russian athletes, with the flag of our country."

"And I hope that no one will deprive us of this opportunity!", She concluded.

IOC member, Olympic champion Elena Isinbayeva said that the Committee's decision shocked her, but she was able to "highlight those spoons of honey in a barrel of tar" that "are main" in the situation.

"... our athletes are allowed to participate in the Olympic Games in the status of "Olympic athlete from RUSSIA ", already a positive moment, they are not neutral, they are from RUSSIA and this will be said everywhere: at the moment of presentation of athletes, at the time of awarding, at press conferences and etc., everyone will know what kind of country they will represent. I was not given such an opportunity by the IAAF last year," explains Isinbayeva.

She also added that the winners and prize-winners will have the opportunity to wear Olympic gear and carry tricolor "with their head raised proudly."

"Thirdly, and most importantly, the entire doping epic around our country will end as a terrible dream at the time of the closure of the OI with respectful implementation of all the recommendations of the IOC. I think this is the main thing, that at last everything will end. Our athletes will begin to calmly, purposefully train and play for RUSSIA! You can not give up now and scold everyone around. Yes, the situation is very complicated, unfair, but in my opinion acceptable, in the name of future young athletes preparing for the next OI 2020 in Tokyo," Isinbayeva said.

In conclusion, Isinbayeva called on all disqualified Russian athletes to defend their rights in the courts.

Дорогие спортсмены, тренеры, болельщики и друзья! Хотела бы выразить своё мнение по поводу решения МОК вынесенное вчера. Шокирующим для меня решение не было, так же как и для многих из вас, но хотелось бы выделить те ложки мёда в бочке дёгтя, которые, на мой взгляд, являются ключевыми во всей этой ситуации. Вчера, когда я только узнала о решении, была в негодовании и жутком расстройстве, но переспав ночь и поразмыслив над всем пришла к выводам. Во-первых, то что наших спортсменов допускают до участия в ОИ в статусе "Олимпийский спортсмен из РОССИИ", уже положительный момент, они не нейтральные, они из РОССИИ и об этом будет говориться везде: в момент представления спортсменов, в момент награждения, на пресс-конференциях и т.д., все будут знать какую страну они будут  представлять. Мне такую возможность ИААФ в прошлом году не дали. Во-вторых, то что придётся выступать под флагом МОК и без гимна России, очень печально, но если смотреть немного дальше и глубже, то в момент закрытия ОИ все наши победители и призёры, будут иметь возможность одеть олимпийскую экипировку и пронести свой триколор с гордо поднятой головой. В-третьих, и главное, что вся эта допинговая эпопея вокруг нашей страны завершится как страшных сон в момент закрытия ОИ при уважительном исполнении всех рекомендаций МОК. Я считаю, это главное, что наконец-то всё закончится. Наши спортсмены начнут спокойно, целенаправленно тренироваться и выступать за РОССИЮ! Нельзя сейчас сдаваться и всех вокруг ругать. Да, ситуация очень сложная, несправедливая, но на мой взгляд приемлемая, во имя будущих молодых спортсменов готовящихся к следующим ОИ 2020 в Токио. В ваших руках дорогие спортсмены, потенциальные победители ОИ 2018, прекратить этот ужас и доказать всему миру что вы лучшие! Всех наших звёзд дисквалифицированных по итогам комиссии Освальда, призываю бороться и отстаивать свои права в судах. Время есть и шансы тоже!!! Это моё мнение, как человека прошедшего через данную ситуации и пережившую её.

Публикация от Yelena Isinbaeva (@isinbaevayelena)

Olympic champion gymnast Alia Mustafina is sure that justice will triumph, and the organizers of the disorder will "still get a boomerang".

"And I hope that those who rule all this lawlessness will get a boomerang a million times stronger. Honest sports? Where? Dearе
Elena Winter Translated by Elena Winter
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